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About me

Hi I’m Jake I am a creative living in Brighton and I work freelance as an Artist and Prop Maker. I studied at Northbrook Metropolitan College where I gained a First Class Degree in Theatre Arts, specialising in Prop making and SFX.

My most notable achievements to date include writing and creating a puppet show called ‘Borrowed Time’ performed at Brighton Fringe 2019. I have worked on community projects for companies such as Fusion Arts which is a charity Arts organisation, I was part of a team designing and making large willow lanterns during Oxford’s annual Christmas light festival. I have worked with Bamboozle Theatre based in Leicester creating puppets and props. Bamboozle Theatre specialises in providing multi sensory experiences for children and young people with moderate to profound learning difficulties. I also run workshops on puppet making in Universities and care homes. Whether it’s devising Theatre shows, making props and puppets, or running creative workshops, I’m always looking for new ways to improve and add to my skillset.

I have previously worked in a variety of other mediums including stop-motion model making. Previous companies I have worked for include Yamination Studios located in Digbeth, West Midlands and FoolHardy Films Studios in Lancing, West Sussex. I have also worked with stained glass and sugar craft creating intricate and detailed works such as ornamental stained glass and cake decorations.

Take a look at my portfolio page to see some of my previous work, and please contact me via details below and my social media @jakemakes13


07955 107953


Oxford Lantern Parade 2019

I worked with community arts company Fusion Arts who are based in Oxford to create lanterns for the city’s annual light festival. The lanterns were later paraded through the city creating a stunning spectacle, passing around the streets of Oxford and admired by large crowds of onlookers.

The project was designed to bring together artists, schools and community groups to design and make lanterns that respond to the festival theme of ‘Discovery’. I was working with designer and maker Sarah Butterworth to run creative making workshops with local community groups. The groups later came together to share and showcase these creations in a lantern parade through the city centre on Friday 15th November.  Followed by an exhibition of the larger lanterns in an outdoor city centre location for all festival goers to catch a glimps close up!

Zulily Online shopping – ‘Best Price Promise’ Commercial, Created and produced by Yaminations Studios & Not To Scale.

Yamination Studios collaborated with online retailer Zulily along with director Anthony Farquhar-Smith of Not To Scale, an international animation & film production studio, to highlight the brand’s ‘Joy of Shopping’ through a series of exquisitely fashioned films. With the emphasis on craft, detail and a unique shopping experience, this production immerses us into a glorious miniature world of Zulily fun.

I was really excited to be a part of the model making team for this project. As pictured above, I created the 1:7 scale model bike and trucks. I sculpted these from materials including wood and acrylic tubing, later these were moulded cast to create multiple models and painted. Along with the bikes previously mentioned, I also created and painted a lamp featured in the video link below.

Zulily – Curation video
Zulily – Joy Of Shopping (Behind The Scenes)

The Trial of Abraham Thornton for the Murder of Mary Ashford

Set design and installation for Warwick Words’ courthouse drama, staged at The Court House, the home of Warwick Town Council.

On the final day of the Warwick Words History Festival in October 2019, a famous murder trial heard in Warwick in 1817 was played out to a packed audience.  The courtroom drama was a collaboration with Warwick School and King’s High School who provided sixth-form students to play the parts of the younger characters, including the accused, Abraham Thornton, a farm worker and bricklayer.

For more information about on the actual trial from 1817 follow the link above to the Warwick Words website.